Some Types of Personal Property Insurance Services

The term property insurance applies to any type of property you might possess. Your vehicles, home, business and umbrella policy all fall into this category. Life and health insurance are other types of insurance and they do not fall under the category of property. We'll briefly cover the different types of property insurance services.

  • Vehicles do not mean just your car, it covers all motorized conveyances, whether it be your motorcycle, ATV, boat, wave runner, plane, snowmobile, and even golf cart. If it has an engine and the intent of it is to get you somewhere, then it is a vehicle. All vehicles are required by law to carry liability insurance.
  • Home insurance applies to all types of home. This means that whether you are a renter, own a condo, are a landlord, or live in the house you own, you should have a home insurance policy. Home insurance is not required by law, but if you are making a mortgage payment, your lender will require it. Disclaimer: This doesn't mean you should drop your home insurance once your home is paid off. Many apartments, also, are now requiring their tenants to carry renters insurance.
  • Depending on what kind of business you own, depends on the specific type of insurance you will want and need. Do you own a restaurant? Are you in construction? Do you have vehicles used commercially? Do you need to be bonded to bid on and perform jobs? An agent will be able to discuss what insurance services you need for your business.
  • An umbrella policy covers above the liability limits of your normal policies. It is extra protection for those who have a lot to lose.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all insurance services, but to give you an idea of what you can and should insure. Remember property insurance applies to anything you own. A local agent is a good resource to discuss what insurance services you require.
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