5 Insurance Body the Most Expensive in The World

Most people take out insurance to ensure the security of personal items such as automobiles, home electronics and even costly. In addition, insurers are now also evident to maintain good health. A wide range of health insurance products to the crash emerged with a wide range of premium and dependents. Insurance may be one of the things that makes emotional well-being that gives guarantee of lifestyle. Nevertheless, a number of celebrity or artist of this international body parts insure them. Starting from the buttocks, sperm and even up to the breast.

Here are the 5 most expensive Insurance Body in the world

1. Holly Madiso
A woman named Holly Sue Cullen is insuring her breasts worth of USD 1 million. This decision was taken because Holly often perform the jar when show in Vegas. "If there is something on my breast, I'll get out a couple of months I might be ' out ' one millionu.s. dollars," said Holly. Holly Madison is a famous artist from the television series The Girls Next Door. Then he left the event and make its own event fame namely Holly's World.

2. Madonna
Madonna at the beginning of his career is very famous for its beautiful breasts. Natural breast shape conical Madonna caught the attention of many people. Madonna's conical bra even use. He started his career with man-made cone bra Jean Paul Gaultier in 1990. The use of this bra is very exotic tits Madonna sports moment. Not only that, the Madonna cone bra is also used when the concert music.
Madonna continues to change the style of the clothes but still keeping her breasts remain natural. Unlike other artists, Madonna did not have implants or surgery to increase the size of the breast. Despite having aged 56 years, Madonna still insuring her breasts of USD 2 million. Madonna still wants to keep her breasts are beautiful even though it is now more often wore pointy bra.

3. Julia Roberts
Smile pretty highly acclaimed Roberts July amaze audiences in several movie appearances such as Pretty Woman. In addition, Julia Robert also has acted in several films such as The Pelican Brief, Notting Hills, Charlie Wilson's War, Mirror Mirror and more. Julia is also regarded as one of Hollywood's highest paid with the artist. His name is also entered in the ranks of the 50 most beautiful people in the world 11 times.

Men's Health magazine also persuaded Julia Robert as one of the 100 most popular woman all the time. One of the most valuable assets owned by Julia is a smile. His smile wide and his teeth are white caught the attention of other people to smile. Mindful of the costly a Julia Roberts smile, finally taking an insurance policy for his smile worth USD 30 million.

4. Jennifer Lopez
Singer at once movie Star Jennifer Lopez vogue began in 2000 at the MTV Awards. In this event, Chris Rock mentions his name as Jenny From the Block's. Since that time, career women are familiar is called JLo is constantly rising. She has also starred in several films such as The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes, and The Cell.

JLo is very popular with the hip dance hop, such as in the song ' Booty ' together with Pit Bulls and Iggy Azaleas. In the video clip of this song, ' plays ' JLo her ass. JLo has currently insuring butt beauty with a value reaches USD 300 million.

5. David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth was the lead singer of the famous rock band of the 1980s, namely Van Halen. This Band was very close to his female fans. As a famous rock star, he doesn't want proximity to the female fans to bear misfortune.

Most rock stars at that time stuck with female fans who accidentally got pregnant after a night together. The rock star eventually suffer financially. To protect himself, Roth went to Lloyd of London insurance companies to ask the insurance policy the sperm. Rock star sperm insured value of USD 1 million. This insurance policy will take care of all sorts of financial consequences the pregnancy due to the pleasure of one night.
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