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Whether you purchase a home insurance or not, there are provisions in the law, when your property or those of others are damaged and home fire insurance comes very useful in here. In case of compensation, it will be useful to read the margins indicative of coverage as appropriate.

If your property has been damaged by fire, following the spread of fire or explosion, steps will be necessary in order to compensate you. Initially, and within five working days after the accident, you contact your insurance company and send a document with acknowledgment of receipt, including your name and details of your contract, the date and causes of loss, description of damage, accompanied by an estimate of their respective amounts.

Within the time frame agreed, an expert will be sent to the scene by the insurer to assess the damage. You are strongly encouraged to attend this expertise, firstly to provide explanations, and possibly to argue your points of view, and secondly to provide information in support of losses, as objects burned or damaged, photographs, invoices and warranty cards.

Incidentally, you can be assisted by a second expert of your choice, including full or partial refund of fees will be borne by the home fire insurance, if your contract includes a guarantee "expert fees". In case of disagreement between experts, a third by the first two to implement what is called"arbitration", establishing a final report. Upon receipt thereof, if a refusal is manifested in your hand, making use of the forensic process will last is open to you to decide upon the final report.
Furthermore, it is important to know that even if the warranty. "Fire" is scheduled in the majority of home insurance policies, it has limitations, unlike the home fire insurance policies. First, it is your responsibility to verify the validity of the contract time, justified by the non-receipt of a letter from more than thirty days from your insurer stating that you are more assured, whatever reason. In addition, fire is by definition a burning flame, the damage to electrical appliances, electronic or computer due to an increase in voltage or short circuit, for example, is excluded by the insurer.
It is the same for all damage not resulting from a fire, such as burning a sofa linked to cigarette smoke or damage caused by malfunction of the boiler. So it makes sense to include safeguards "electrical damage" and "household damage" in the insurance contract, unless you have already verified their effectiveness in the current provisions, to ensure your entire home. Finally, note that in addition to damage caused by fire, those caused by the intervention of emergency, such as firefighters, will also be supported, if the security is involved.

Where the property of your neighbors has been damaged by sources from your home, the law stipulates your obligations to them or to your landlord if you rent and these can also be covered by a home fire insurance. This leads, in most cases, direct compensation by the neighbor's insurer, without application of deductible. If, however, the accident report did not lead to any discrepancy, you will always have the obligation to send claims to the other party to your insurance company that will handle the follow-up.

The home fire insurance can protect you better than just the home insurance policy, because it covers all aspects related to the damages caused by fire. Read the terms and conditions of the home fire insurance policies before signing and choose the best one that you think will protect you the best. 

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