How Much Income an Insurance Agent?

Becoming an insurance agent currently is one of the much sought after career options and pursued by many people, including for college graduates. This is because the income is becoming an insurance agent belongs to great. Salary figures for tens or even hundreds of millions per month can be obtained by an insurance agent.

Therefore, becoming an insurance agent now has its own prestige. This work is one of the fastest ways of earning large. In just a few months or years, your income will be soaring umpteen times. So it's no longer as much revenue increases of 10 percent or 20 percent like in General. But twice, four times as much, or even more.

This is because the income you can not be determined by how long you work, but rather how much the sale of insurance products that successfully you do.

Salary Insurance Agents
Usually an insurance agent has no base salary. For income obtained agents derived from commissions. Unless you are at once become employees of the insurance company. Then, you will get a base salary

Commission Insurance Agents
Insurance Commission this is a source of income insurance agents. Although only named the Commission, but don't get me wrong guess. The value is quite large and will continue to be enlarged accordingly target achievement.

Commission agents between 5 percent to 30 percent. Of course, very dependent from the insurance company. Because each insurance company could have the rule, the percentage of commissions, and Commission calculations.

For example, you as an insurance agent is able to meet the target premium of 150 million rupiahs a year. Then, you will get a Commission for as much as 5 million rupiahs/month. Pretty great right?

Then suppose you could hit a target premiums as much as 300 million rupiahs per year, then your Commission is 10 million rupiahs per month. At this level, your level is already rising to Pre Unit Manager.
So also if your premium reach sales target of 900 million rupiahs per year, the commissions you can 20 million rupiahs per month. At this stage, your level is already a unit manager.

One level above a unit manager is a Senior Unit Manager, you will get a Commission of about 40 million rupiahs per month. For the target is 2.7 billion rupiahs per year. And higher again is the position of the agency manager. The Commission obtained will reach 100 million rupiahs per month.

Bonus Insurance Agents
Not just the Commission, but the agent will also be given an additional bonus .As a bonus mobile, laptops, computers, and even trips out of the country. The bonus is obtained if you achieve sales target premium.

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