Traveller, the Protection Yourself with travel insurance

Travel it was fun, but also full of risks. Starting from sickness, accidents to lose lives. For that, the traveller must to protect themself with travel insurance. A wide selection of diverse destinations with traveling packages and coverage price spread. From the start package with deluxe accommodations complete with tour guide to the system package.

But, unfortunately a lot of the traveling lovers forget to protect him during the trip. Whereas hobby traveling has a wide variety of risks. This risk can be various, such as contract the disease while on a trip, the accident until his death. Other risk i.e., loss or damage to assets. For example we are traveling using the vehicle and the vehicle was damaged in the street or buy stuff, it turns out the item is damaged in shipping

The various risks are certainly cause financial losses. At this point that travel insurance is important because it can minimize the financial losses at the same time anticipate additional costs that may occur throughout the activities of the traveling.

Insurance travel becomes essential if risks in travel increased. Especially for a long trip, travel to countries with high cost or a trip in a long time. For example illustration of the differences between the risks of travel to Singapore a week with one week to the United States.

For a trip to Singapore, no need to use travel insurance because a local health insurance generally still able to cover medical expenses if we are experiencing health problems over there. Moreover, the risk of cancellation of a trip to Singapore was not too big, no matter the ticket price Jakarta-Singapore not too expensive. Other travel destinations are again if the United States. "The price of a ticket to America and medical expenses there so high that requires insurance.

Travel insurance taken adjusted in advance with the needs of the traveller. If the trip is done only in a matter of days with destinations are still in the country, simply make use of health insurance.

Not Expensive
Up to now there are still many people who argue buying travel insurance will only add to the burden of expenses. Travel insurance is usually not high cost. For 2 weeks, it will cost about 300,000 to 500,000 rupiahs per person depending on the package. The period of active travel insurance valid for travel time buyer insurance policy until he returned home.

Current travel insurance covering increasingly vast and increasingly diverse. Ranging from health which include death, loss of limbs, or total paralysis due to accident and emergency treatment if you fall ill. Some also offer travel insurance medical evacuation within 24 hours when a State of emergency.

In addition, the assets of the traveller may be assured by the travel insurance. In addition to the assets were brought in the course of such vehicles and their contents, there is also a travel insurance also provides home protection and pay for fire damage over the contents of the insured homes left empty.

For users of aircraft, more complete travel insurance covering again. Not only guarantee bearing the loss if your goods are damaged or lost luggage in the plane, travel insurance can also replace money towards things outside of the owner of the policy such as the delay of the aircraft, or flight which is not ideal. Compensation for plane crash will be duplicated.

One of the important benefits of travel insurance that does not exist in other insurance product is the handling of the bodies, the repatriation as well as the visit of grief. This is what makes the different travel insurance life insurance with more emphasis on the grant of compensation on the dependents. While travel insurance in addition to cover death, also make sure the management bodies.

We encourage fans traveling diligently conducted a survey and compare travel insurance to each other. This is necessary because this travel insurance usually are public, meaning that almost all of the products are very similar. There is a difference in length of time travel and country coverage, if you are already sure to buy travel insurance, also note how claims.
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